Frank Blanchard
Portrayed byM.C. Gainey
First appearanceAustin City Limits
Biographical information
ResidenceAustin, Texas

General Frank Blanchard is a high-ranking member of the military of Texas and served as President and General at some point before General Carver.



Alec Penner was on a mission to assassinate General Blanchard, the general of the military in Texas. However, Blanchard had survived the assassination and had identified Alec. Fearing that Texas might declare war on the Monroe Republic, General Miles Matheson sent Alec to Texas, so that the Monroe Republic would not be blamed for this.


Sometime after his assassination attempt, Blanchard retired and was succeeded by Bill Carver. When the Patriots began to assassinate other high ranking members of the Texas Government, Blanchard thought he was targeted because he was outspoken against them and because he still held strong influence within the Texas Government. When Miles and Monroe went to save him and tell him what was going on, they unexpectedly found that he believed them and was more than willing to come out of retirement to help them get Texas to got to war with the Patriots. However, while getting dressed, he was stabbed by a Patriot operative and was later being treated for severe wounds.

In Declaration of Independence, it is revealed that General Blanchard survived yet another assassination attempt. Gene goes to find him to prove that the Patriots are behind all the assassinations. After discovering the truth, Blanchard orders his men to arrest President Jack Davis for his crimes. Later, General Blanchard declares war on the Patriots, as he assumes the post of President and Commanding General of Texas after the death of General Carver.


His name could be a nod to General Albert G. Blanchard, who fought for the Confederacy in the American Civil War.