"Like it says on the dollar right under the Pyramid, Novus ordo seclorum. The New Order for the Ages"

Fascism and Neo-Fascism are both political ideologies. 
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One of the Patriots' beliefs.


Fascism and Neo-Fascism includes aspects of Social Darwinism, nationalism, and militarism. Fascism is also part of Totalitarianism as well. The Patriots are a Neo-fascist group, who were planning to kill many innocent people, "undesirable" or not. President Jack Davis, the leader of the Patriots was planning to start a Neo-fascist dictatorship in America.

After the Blackout, Davis announced his plans in Cuba, saying:

"While we sit here and wait out the purge, we are gonna lose 70% of our population. You may think that's a tragedy. I see it as natural selection, the tide will ebb, the weak will die, but the strong will survive and will build a New America committed to the ideals we believe in. Like it says on the dollar right under the Pyramid, Novus ordo seclorum. The New Order for the Ages."

Davis was willing to let the weak die in an effort to facilitate the Patriots plans for the remains of the United States. Davis also plans to use the "New Order for the Ages", which implied that it included a Neo-fascist ideology and totalitarianism. The Patriots took over the East Coast after they launched nuclear attacks on Atlanta and Philadelphia. After this, they injected typhus into oranges to kill "undesirable" people in Willoughby, mainly those with mental disorders and addictions. The Patriots also has a wave of nationalism against six post-Blackout nation-states. They annexed the Plains Nation, and wiped out all war clans and tribes, including the Page Clan. The Patriots also brainwashed innocent people to serve as infiltrators in other post-Blackout nations. They planned to destroy Texas and the California Commonwealth by starting a war between them. However, their plan failed when Miles Matheson and others exposed the Patriots' crimes to Texas, which led to the Patriot-Texas war and the extermination of the Patriots.

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