The Monroe Republic Watch list.

Elizabeth Freitas is a known con artist who resides in the Monroe Republic. Her actions have resulted in her name being put on a watch list issued by the Monroe Republic.


Born in 1994, her place of birth is unknown along with her nationality.

She has short to medium-length blonde hair and blue eyes along with a white complexion. She is between 5' 4" and 5' 7", and her weight is between 90 and 140 pounds. She has a slim build and is right-handed.

It is unknown when she began her outlaw career, but she is apparently well known, having stolen over 25,000 Militia trade dollars in Pontiac, Philadelphia, and Richmond. She also impersonated a Monroe Republic dignitary at some point. Her actions give the Republic reason to offer 2.5 pounds of gold for her capture.


Most of her aliases are variations of her actual name, similar to how some criminals changed theirs to evade detection by the law before the Blackout.

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