The Dwellers are a group of inhabitants living in the Tower
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The Dwellers were the D.O.D. scientists and workers at the Tower, at the night of the Blackout. When the Blackout started, the Dwellers became the inhabitants of the Tower for 15 years.

Years later, when Grace Beaumont was captured and held hostage at the Tower, they saved her and they began guarding the Tower. When General Monroe, Rachel Matheson, Randall Flynn, and the Monroe Militia, came inside the Tower, the Dwellers attacked them, killing the Militia soldiers. After arriving inside the Tower, Miles, Aaron, Nora, and Charlie, were chased by the Dwellers. After reuniting, Rachel, Aaron and Charlie, are captured, but are brought to the other Dwellers, where Rachel was surprised to see Grace and the Dwellers' leader, Dan Jenkins. After revealing that restoring the power to the world might cause Earth to go in flames, Dan threatens Rachel if she ends the world. However, after Rachel, Aaron and Charlie are reunited with Nora, they decided to kill Dan and some of the Dwellers. They succeeded, but Nora was injured and dies from blood loss.


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