Duncan Page
Portrayed byKatie Aselton
First appearanceHappy Endings
Last appearanceFear and Loathing
Biographical information
ResidenceNew Vegas
AffiliationPlains Nation
Family membersScanlon

Duncan Page was the leader of a war clan in The Plains Nation and old friend of Sebastian Monroe.



Monroe, Connor, and Charlie went to New Vegas with the intent of hiring Duncan's mercenaries to overthrow the Patriots. When they arrived at the casino, she was playing cards, and apparently losing. Surprisingly, she know Monroe by his real name, instead of his alias. When she told them that they could have her men for 30 diamonds each, Bass came up with the plan to steal the money from the Diamondback Casino.

After their plan failed and Ely Gould captured Connor and Monroe, he arranged to have her assassinated while they fought to the death. She later respected Charlie for saving her life and let Monroe and Connor go. She gave them five of her men, and put Charlie in charge of them.

Later, The Patriots killed her and many of her tribesmen as part of a program to wipe out the war clans of the Plains Nation. Her remaining men went to Willoughby, Texas to find Monroe, where he assumed command of them.

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