ImageDillion Matthews
Dillon Matthews
Portrayed byJohn Omohundro
First appearanceExposition Boulevard
Last appearanceAustin City Limits
Biographical information
ResidenceWilloughby, Texas
Austin, Texas
ProfessionPatriot Cadet
AffiliationTexas (Formerly)
The Patriots
Family membersJoe Matthews -Father
Heather Matthews - Sister

Dillion Mathews was a Patriot cadet.



Not much is known about Dillion's life before the Patriots arrived in Willoughby other than the fact that Dr. Gene Porter helped deliver him.

As a Cadet

Dillion and fellow cadet Kim Carson were sent by The Patriots to find Miles and Monroe's camp. He and Kim hid in the bushes watching for signs of the group. When Monroe returned with his mercenaries one of the tribesmen spotted something. The two were quickly captured and taken back to the groups camp. The majority of the group wanted to kill the kids because they were working with the Patriots. After a long argument the group decided to take the kids back to town. Miles, Rachel, and Gene brought Kim back to her father, but he didn't believe them. Dillion watched as Kim's father read the tattoo on her eyelid, which triggered her into killing her father and herself. After this he returned to camp with the others, and when everyone heard what happened, they wanted to kill him. When Truman and Neville attacked the group's hideout Miles lets him go. The following morning Dillion lead Doyle and the Patriots to the group's hideout, only to find it abandoned.


A few days later Dillion, and other cadets were sent by Victor Doyle to assassinate various officials in the Texas government. He and the other cadets went to Austin, and began assassinating high ranking Texas officials. One cadet killed senator Wyman, and another tried to kill General Frank Blanchard. Dillion disguised himself as a Texas Ranger cadet in order to get close to General Bill Carver. However Miles spotted him and killed him, saving General Carver's life. His death at the hands of the Patriots prompted his father and sister to help Miles later on.

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