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Dictatorship is a form of government where political authority is monopolized by a person or political entity, and exercised through various mechanisms to ensure the entities power remains strong.


Dictatorship is a term for political systems where the state controls people’s lives allowing them with no freedom. The totalitarian regime controls propaganda and brainwashes the people. The totalitarian state demands that people agree with the leaders in every important respect. Those who resist brainwashing and tell others why the regime is wrong, risk being tortured and killed, sometimes together with their families.


Before the Blackout, Jack Davis was a U.S. Secretary of Defense, but in reality, he was a ruthless man planning to start an authoritarian, totalitarian dictatorship in America. When the Blackout spread worldwide, law and order has collapsed. Jack Davis then saw his chance to start his own regime. When Davis and the surviving U.S. Government escaped to Cuba, Davis announces his plans to create a "New Order for the Ages", which implies to be totalitarian. The U.S. Government decides to appoint Jack Davis as their new President because the original U.S. President was killed when Air Force One crashed and it was also implied that democracy‎ and the U.S. Constitution has collapsed, due to the Blackout, forcing the U.S. Government to become a Neo-fascist dictatorship and allows Davis to become their new leader. This lead to the formation of the Patriots. During the Blackout, Sebastian Monroe, a former U.S. Marine, who lost his pregnant girlfriend, becomes a brutal warlord and, along with Miles Matheson, founded the Monroe Republic, an authoritarian, totalitarian state. The Monroe Republic is a military dictatorship and is very oppressive. The Baltimore Act is a law created by the Monroe Republic in which guns and firearms are banned and is punishable by death. The Monroe Militia is the main military force of the Monroe Republic. The Militia tortures and kills innocent people. They also brings children to Militia Conscription Facility, a re-education facility where children are trained and brainwashed to become members of the Militia. The Monroe Militia are arresting people for failing to pay taxes and send them to either prison or slave labor camps, where people are used as slaves. The Rebels are a resistance group, fighting against the Monroe Republic to restore the United States and build a pre-Blackout democratic government. General Monroe plans to take over North America and kill their enemies by restoring power and electricity for his vehicles and weapons. However, the Monroe Republic has collapsed when Randall Flynn, an agent, working for Jack Davis, launches nuclear attacks on capitals of the Monroe Republic and the Georgia Federation. With two nations collapsed, the Patriots, led by Jack Davis, builds a "New America" on the East Coast. The Patriots then began starting their brutal regime, by brainwashing innocent people to become members of the Patriots and killing undesirable people by using typhus. After the Patriots expand towards the Plains Nation, they began wiping out war clans and tribes. Duncan Page was one of the victims. The Patriots then use brainwashed cadets to assassinate Texas officials to start a war between Texas and the California Commonwealth, so that Jack Davis and the Patriots can take over the continental United States. However, their plan backfires when Miles Matheson and the others exposes the Patriots' crimes to Texas. Jack Davis was arrested and Texas launches an extermination against the Patriots. The Patriot-Texas war lasted for six months, with all the Patriots killed and wiped out. In the aftermath of war, Washington D.C. was taken over by the Texas Rangers, with the White House being captured, thus ending the Patriots' cruel dictatorship.

Later, in Bradbury, Idaho, Jack Davis was killed by Charlie Matheson.

Known Dictators

List of Dictatorships

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