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Georgia Federation

Texas Capital Building


Democracy is a form of government in which the citizens have freedom and rights.


Democracy is a political system in which the citizens have freedom and rights. The Georgia Federation, Texas, and possibly California Commonwealth are three democratic states that has many freedom, rights, and democracy.


Before the Blackout, the United States of America was a powerful country in North America with democracy and many freedoms. The United States even has the U.S. Constitution. When the Blackout spread worldwide, the United States has collapsed, dividing into six nations. The Monroe Republic, the Georgia Federation, the Plains Nation, Texas, the California Commonwealth, and the Wasteland. Three nations, which are democratic are the Georgia Federation, Texas, and possibly California Commonwealth. The U.S. Government, who fled to Cuba, were no longer democratic, but instead, they became a Neo-fascist totalitarian faction, known as the Patriots, led by a ruthless dictator, Jack Davis, because it was implied that democracy and the U.S. Constitution collapsed, and that the original U.S. President was killed when Air Force One crashed, due to the Blackout. The Rebels are a resistance group, fighting against the Totalitarianism of the Monroe Republic to restore the United States of America and rebuild a pre-Blackout democratic U.S. government. The Georgia Federation is a powerful democracy, led by a democratic president, Kelly Foster, and they formed an alliance with the rebels to fight against a totalitarian Monroe Republic. After the Patriot-Texas war and the occupation of the United States, the Texas Rangers wipes out all the Patriots and it is possible that they restored a new, democratic U.S. Government, and are rebuilding United States, with Democracy being restored, while Texas and the California Commonwealth both remained independent.

List of Democratic States

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