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Major David Kipling is one of Miles last friends still living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the Monroe Republic



He fought in the Trenton campaign during 2017 and he informed Monroe that they were running low on ammunition, and would need to start rationing bullets and use swords.

At some point, he became involved in Miles ' plot to assassinate Monroe. It is unknown how he survived after it failed, as most of his conspirators were tortured and killed.

In 2027, when Miles returned to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Charlie, Nora, and Aaron Pittman to rescue Danny and kill Monroe the group needed a place to hide so they sent to Kipling's because he was Miles last friend in town. Later that night after Miles went to search for Danny, Kipling was visited by Tom Neville and the Militia. Tom knew Miles was in town due to the letters sent to the Intelligence and Interrogation Department by former corporal Joseph Wheatley. Knowing Miles still had a few friends in town and Kipling's house was close to the subway tunnels, Neville knew where to look. When he and the Militia raided Kipling's house Neville had his men arrest Charlie, Nora, Aaron, and Kipling.