Portrayed byJessica Collins
First appearanceBorn in the U.S.A.
Last appearanceEveryone Says I Love You
Biographical information
ResidenceWilloughby, Texas
ProfessionSchool Teacher
Family membersCarl

Someone or something told these machines to save you. They chose you. You don't think there's a reason?"
— Cynthia to Aaron in Love Story

Cynthia was Aaron Pittman's girlfriend.



Before Aaron and the group arrived in Willoughby, Cynthia was married to Carl. It is unknown if they were married before the Blackout. He was abusive of her, however, and she suffered several injuries over the years.

Sometime after he arrived in Willoughby, Texas Cynthia started dating Aaron. She didn't know who he was or that he caused The Surge . One night after he witnessed the fireflies appear she told him she was optimistic about the power coming back on. Later when the two were going to bed, Cynthia was attacked by a member of Titus Andover's War Clan. Aaron was able to save her, but was killed in the process.

After Aaron's Resurrection

After Aaron was somehow brought back to life, she couldn't believe it and thought that God brought him back. Aaron refused to believe it even after she and the local priest tried to convince him. Aaron later helped her teach her class and he told them about the movie Ghostbusters. She later found him on the ground convinced that he saw Ben Matheson alive. She told him to take it easy and that it was a miracle he was alive. She said she prayed to God to bring him back, but Aaron told her he didn't believe in God. He told her he believed the Nanites brought him back to life and he also told her what he believed caused The Blackout.

After the Patriots were allowed to stay in Willoughby, the two continued teaching at the school. When Horn arrived, he insisted on seeing Rachel and later demanding that Gene take him to see Aaron. Aaron and Cynthia fled with Sebastian Monroe, planning to wait until Miles, Rachel, and Charlie could meet up with them. Cynthia confronted him on one of the beached boats about the death of her husband, Carl. When he admitted to killing Carl by not being in control of the Nanites, she asked for some time to think. The group was later ambushed by a patrol of Patriot soldiers that were searching for them.

Horn proceeded to experiment on Aaron while holding Cynthia prisoner. Needing proof that Aaron could use the Nanites to heal someone other than himself, he threatened her and had one of the Patriot soldiers stab her in the abdomen. Aaron panicked, the Nanites activated, and without realizing it, he carried Cynthia out of the town through a tunnel in the building. Rachel, Miles, and Charlie found the soldiers all unconscious because of Aaron. Aaron came to in a abandoned school outside Willoughby and Cynthia regained consciousness. The Nanites had healed the wound she had received and were trying to talk to Aaron. She was able to talk Aaron into talking to the Nanites to try to make a deal or understand them. Very soon after, the Patriot soldiers and Horn approached the school, searching for Aaron, and prompting to the two to hide. As they tried to flee the school, they encountered Horn, who held them at gunpoint, demanding that Aaron heal the tumor pressing against his brain. He turned the gun on Cynthia and shot her in the chest. Her last words to Aaron were "I love you.". She was buried in a grave marked with a simple cross outside of Willoughby. 



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