Culpepper, Virginia is small town in northeastern Virginia.

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Compared to most post-Blackout settlements, Culpeper has many modern-day conveniences: a firehouse, an infirmary, an herbalist, and a blacksmith or farrier. However, most notable is an extensive library run by Jim Hudson, which is now rare since many books were burned for fuel following the Blackout.[1] After Miles failed to kill Bass Monroe, Jim was forced to leave Philadelphia for aiding Miles . He arrived in Culpepper, changed his name to Henry Bemis, married Sophie and became the town's librarian. Miles tracks Jim down here and convinces him to join the Rebellion after Sophie finds out his true identity and they are forced to defend the town from the Monroe Militia . ("Ghosts")

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Culpepper was a small farming community before the Blackout, largely ignored by the outside world.


While the town eventually became part of the Monroe Republic, it was ignored by the Monroe Militia. This anonymity was probably what motivated Jim Hudson to move there after the failed attempt on Monroe's life. Eventually, he took a new name,  became the town librarian, and at some point fell in love with Sophie. His library is notable for its large collection of Stephen King books, including The Stand.

In 2027, Miles Matheson finally tracked Jim down, and tried to convince him to join the Rebels. Hudson initially refused, stating that he had started a new life there. Later, he was forced to fight for his life when a Militia squad arrived and attempted to kill Sophie as well as himself.



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