"Into the Light" is the fourth and final of four chapters in DC's Revolution comic book series. It was released on June 15, 2015.


Charlie remarks that every decision that her mother made, even her decision to create the Nanites which led to the Blackout, was done with the best of intentions. She meant to save Danny's life, but the aftermath of the Blackout broke her.

Rachel wakes up in a Nanite-induced simulation, where Danny and Charlie are small children, and Ben is still alive. She quickly realizes that none of it is real, as the Nano attempts to speak to her through Ben. The Nanites explain that they saw the fall of mankind as inevitable, that "If the Blackout hadn't happened, something else would have." To them, Rachel saved lives by causing the Blackout, by giving the Nanites the chance to save humanity. They can make everyone think the same thoughts, eliminate any disagreements before they happen.

The Nano then gloats that Rachel surrendered herself to them, to which she responds that they let her in, as per her plan. She reveals that she memorized Grace's virus and proceeds to recite it, seemingly destroying the Nanites. Rachel, Connor, and the rest of the townspeople collapse. Charlie then remarks that none of them ever woke up, and she never got to say goodbye to her mom. Monroe is distraught over Connor's death. The next morning, Charlie, Miles, and Monroe bury their friends; Charlie remarks that Aaron's grave should have a star of David.

After that, Monroe disappeared; Charlie remarks that the last she heard, he was somewhere in South America, trying to rebuild his Republic, but eventually failed. As she and Miles return home, she mentions that the power never came back, but she hopes that it will some day. They arrive at Sylvania Estates, seemingly unchanged since they left. A broken Miles attempted to start a new life, but the loss of Rachel held him back. Eventually, though, he fell in love with a woman, and they had a son. With her, Miles was finally happy, and able to recover from years of tragedy.

The story flashes forward many years. An older Charlie is sitting on the ferris wheel, telling her half-brother the story of the Blackout. The last panel is of Miles' grave, with a neon-blue firefly sitting on it.

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