"Death in the Family" is the third of four chapters in DC's Revolution comic book series. It was released on June 1, 2015.


Charlie, Miles, and the group find themselves surrounded by the residents of Bradbury. Miles questions Tom's offer to submit to the Nanites. Tom remarks that all they have to do is smash the Pendant that Rachel has salvaged. Then he reveals his ace in the hole: Connor, holding Aaron and Priscilla at gunpoint. Tom dragged him to Bradbury, "kicking and screaming".

Connor remarks that the Nanites have taken away his rage, and he forgives Bass for the death of his mother, among many others. As Tom continues to taunt Bass, Monroe snaps. He shoots Tom once in the head, seemingly killing him. Jack Davis, under the control of the Nano, orders the townspeople to kill the group. As the fight begins, Charlie knocks out Connor with the butt of her crossbow, while Bass and Miles kill the hostile townspeople as fast as they can.

Taking cover behind a van, Aaron prepares to upload the virus. While Bass comments on the absurdity of the situation, Charlie manages to kill Davis. Just as Aaron is about to commence uploading the virus, Miles is wounded and the group is flanked by Edward Truman. Truman proceeds to kill Aaron and Priscilla and destroy the laptop, only to be killed by Bass in return. Charlie comments on how many deaths she has seen, but that this one was different; Aaron was more than family to her.

The group retreats, but is cornered in an alley. Bass remarks that they cannot fight their way out, as Connor rejoins the fight. Realizing that there is no other way to save the group, Rachel destroys her Pendant. She remarks that all the bad decisions she has made over the years were done with the best of intentions, but that doesn't change the fact that people died because of her mistakes. She feels that the only way to make amends for what she has done to the world is to turn herself over to the Nanites. Before leaving, she confirms that Miles is Charlie's real father, much to their surprise.


  • Bass references Days of Our Lives, a long running NBC soap opera.