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Theory no 1:

The biggest clue we have so far is when the pendant powered on the apple Iphone. Because the phone turned on we learned some important clues. 1: The electrical devices are not destroyed, they just will not power on. 2: The electricity is not flowing. If electricity was flowing we are breaking a fundamental law of our universe Ohm's Law. V=IR. The pendant appears to allow the flow of electricity again. My theory is that another universe got bridged with our own the result is Omh's law no longer a law and that electricity no longer workers in the same way to which we built our world. Electricity still works as evidence by our body still functions. The pendant closes the bridge allowing electricity to flow once again. There are still problems with this theory such as how could the battery still power on the devices and why did the computer work without AC power/a battery bank but it is the only thing that still makes any sense given the current amoutn of information. I say this with my background in of a BS in electrical engineering.

Theory no 2:

The Device created by the group may be a deviced used to interfere with the Earths Magnetosphere. In Electrical Theory, when electricity flows along a conductor it generates a local magnetic field around it. If this field is cancelled i.e generating a field opposite to it, technically the flow of electricity would be inhibited. If a large scale device is created in this principle (a Magnetic Pulse generator as I call it). Devices would not function properly therefore the Blackout occuring.

Currently only Hydrogen Bombs ang Gammay Ray burst (Big Solar Flare) has the energy enough to wipe out a city's Electronic Infrastructure by generating such EM Pulses.

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