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Captain Dixon
Portrayed byJoe Knezevich
First appearance"Home"
Last appearance"Home"
Biographical information
AffiliationGeorgia Federation

"I hate that son of a bitch."
Jim Hudson about Cpt. Dixon

Captain Dixon was an officer in the Georgia Federation.


After Miles Matheson agreed to lead troops from the Georgia Federation against the Monroe Republic, Dixon was assigned to accompany him and keep an eye on the former Monroe Militia commander. When Miles heard of Monroe threatening their home town, he snuck away to rescue Emma Bennett. When Dixon and the others discover Miles was missing, they interrogated the Militia runner that had delivered the message. After they discovered where Miles went, Dixon went with Charlie, Nora, and Jim to rescue Miles. When they arrived in Jasper, Indiana, Charlie and Dixon engaged Militia troops while Nora and Jim went to rescue Miles. Monroe attempted to draw Miles out by holding Emma at gunpoint. Charlie said she would take the shot, but Miles said it was too risky and he would shoot anyone who tried. Dixon ignored Miles and attempted to shoot Monroe; he wounded Monroe but killed Emma; Miles turned on Dixon and out of anger shot and killed him. ("Home")


Captain Dixon had a rather indifferent attitude towards casualties, as shown when he reported gladly that all the Monroe troops in Evansville had been killed, but at the cost of 22 Georgians and Rebels. He showed this again when he disobeyed orders and shot Emma Bennett in hopes of killing Monroe. He also had a condescending attitude towards Miles Matheson, most likely due to his past as the commander of the Monroe Militia. He seemed to treat the Rebellion as if it was not a legitimate faction.


  • His name may be a reference to either Daryl or Merle Dixon from the show The Walking Dead.

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