Revolution 2x06-7 
Bill Carver
Portrayed byAnthony Ruivivar
First appearanceDead Man Walking
Last appearanceDeclaration of Independence
Biographical information
ResidenceAustin, Texas
ProfessionGeneral of Texas

General Bill Carver is the Commander-in-Chief and the President of Texas.



Carver sent Ranger John Franklin Fry to Willoughby to discover what had happened to the town and who the Patriots were. Later, after Fry was killed Carver briefly visited Willoughby, Texas to meet with Edward Truman and oversee the execution of Sebastian Monroe. He later signs a treaty with the Patriots.
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General Carver makes his first appearance.

Assassination Atempt

A few months later sent Patriots cadets to assassinate all major members of the Texas government. After General Frank Blanchard is stabbed Texas Ranger Malcolm Dove reports that the general is still in surgery. They believe Miles and Monroe tried to kill him. Carver orders Dove to find and kill both Miles and Monroe for real. Later while giving his speech about the new class of Texas Rangers, he is nearly killed when Patriot Cadet Dillion Mathews disguised as a ranger nearly shots him. He is saved by Miles who killed the Cadet. Carver then sends a group of rangers to find and kill the two.

Alliance with the Patriots & Death

On Memorial Day The Patriots invite Carver and The Texas Rangers to a Memorial Day celebration where The Patriots planned to kill him and blame it on the California. He met with President Jack Davis and the two agreed to aid each other in the event of a war with California. While watching a concert he narrowly avoids being killed when Miles and Monroe arrive and evacuate the place. Carver, Davis, Truman, and The Rangers escape to a bunker, where they plan their next move. Realizing their plan has failed, Truman kills Carver, the Rangers and the other Patriots. Truman then shoots Davis and himself in the arm, in order to blame the attack on Miles and Monroe.

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