Battle of Evansville
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Monroe Republic
Georgia Federation/Rebels


Georgia Federation/Rebel victory


Monroe Republic- Bass Monroe
Georgia Federation/Rebels- Miles Matheson


Monroe Republic- Entire force killed
Georgia Federation- 13 killed Rebels- 9 killed

The Battle of Evansville was an engagement between the Monroe Republic and the Rebel-Georgian Coalition.


Evansville was once the largest city in southern Indiana. After the Blackout it was largely abandoned. It was then occupied by the Monroe Militia who built fortifications, making it a critical part of the Republic's defense against the Georgia Federation.[1]


Not much is known about the battle other than Miles, Jim Hudson, and Charlie Matheson engaged and killed many Militia troops with the aid of an unknown number of Rebels and Federation troops. It is possible that the Monroe troops had a pendant amplifier, as a burned-out M35 tactical truck was seen among the carnage.

The battle resulted in a victory for the Federation and the Rebels, as all the Militia troops were killed. ("Home") The victory came with a heavy price, however, as 22 allied troops lost their lives.


Immediately afterward, Charlie assisted the Rebels in gathering fallen weapons, among them multiple M4 carbines and an AK-47. Her transformation into a fierce and capable soldier greatly disturbed Miles. Dixon's condescending and indifferent attitude towards casualties greatly annoyed Miles.

After Rebel victories at Carbondale, Marion, and Evansville, Sebastian Monroe decided that Miles was too much of a threat and moved to occupy their former hometown of Jasper, Indiana to draw him out.


The Aftermath of the battle.


  1. Interactive map- Evansville

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