Atlanta, Georgia was the capital of the Georgia Federation.



After Monroe acquired a nuclear weapon with the aid of Randall Flynn he had Alec Penner smuggle it into Atlanta. A brief flyover by Monroe 's Huey helicopters informed the citizens and the government they had until midnight to surrender or he would detonate the bomb. When President Foster refused to surrender, Monroe gave the order to detonate the bomb, but Miles Matheson had found Alec and was forced to kill him, saving the city. ("The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia")

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Revolution Georgia Federation

Atlanta was protected by high walls topped with machine gun emplacements, and is accessible through a single gate, similar to Philadelphia. Unlike Philadelphia, all citizens of the Georgia Federation are welcome to come and go as they please, granted they pass through checkpoints. There are many open-air markets, such as Atlantic Station, and indoor stores throughout the city, and the roads are well-maintained, as they see frequent use by the city's steam bus public transportation system. The capital building of the Georgia Federation was set in an impressive, stone facade skyscraper that also houses a military garrison.


Alantia nuked
During Monroe's mission to reach The Tower, Randall Flynn used the opportunity to slip away from the group and enter the missile control center located on Level 12. Once inside, he used the opportunity to launch multiple ICBMs at Atlanta and Philadelphia. The missiles struck the city, destroying it and presumably killing most of the inhabitants.

Some survivors, with varying degrees of injuries, eventually made it as far as Texas.

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