Ashburn, Virginia is a deserted city in the Monroe Republic.


Ashburn, Virginia is a town in northern Virginia in the Monroe Republic. The city of Ashburn itself is most likely deserted due to the city's infrastructure requiring electricity in order to function. The Rebels set up a stronghold, Echo Base, in the local hospital.



When the Blackout occurred, an airplane resembling a C-130 Hercules lost power and crashed near the hospital.


Ashburn and Echo Base were an intended rally point in case Rebel Command & Control in Annapolis, Maryland was ever captured or destroyed. The Rebels regrouped here after their phyrric victory over Monroe's Huey gunships.

Rachel Matheson destroyed two of the Pendants so Monroe could not obtain more power and kill more people. While she was doing this, Militia troops, led by Randall Flynn, arrived in Humvees to capture her.

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