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Andover Clan
First appearanceBorn in the U.S.A.
Group information
BaseWilloughby, Texas
MembersTitus Andover - Leader

The Andover clan was a group of tribesmen led by Titus Andover that attacked Willoughby, Texas.



Before the Blackout , the members of the war clan were students at a boarding school where Titus Andover was the headmaster. Since most of them could not go home, he took it upon himself to take care of them. It is unknown if he ever intended for them to be violent, or if they were just coerced into doing so by the Patriots.


In 2028, the War Clan was tasked by the Patriots with harassing Willoughby. Once they had breached the town walls, however, they were killed by the Patriots.



The War Clan members arm themselves with whatever they can find, from crossbows to pickaxes. Machetes appear to be a common weapon, and Titus owned an inline pistol of unknown type, but he did not have ammunition for it.

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