Alec Penner
Portrayed byDayo Okeniyi
First appearance"The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia"
Last appearance"The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia"
Biographical information
ProfessionMonroe Militia Soldier
AffiliationMonroe Militia

Alec Penner was a member of the Monroe Militia and former protege of Miles Matheson.



Seven years after the Blackout, Miles had taken Alec under his wing. One night at a bar, Miles told Alec of his family's history with his knife. Miles then gave Alec his knife as a good luck charm. Over the years, Miles trained him to be a brutal, cunning, and efficient covert operator.


One of Alec's mission was to assassinate General Blanchard of Texas. Thinking he succeeded, Alec returned to Philadelphia. Upon his return, Alec learned that not only was his mission a failure but he was spotted and identified by his target. In order to avoid a war with Texas, Miles gave them Alec, saying it was "the job".


Around seven years later, Alec returned to Philadelphia and was accepted back into the Monroe Militia. After gaining power, General Monroe gave Alec a special assignment. He was to travel to the Georgia Federation and detonate a nuclear bomb.

Once he made it to Atlanta and planted the bomb, Alec reunited with Miles. The two fought with Alec easily overpowering Miles due to his anger at his betrayal. Right before he could kill Miles, Charlie shot Alec with an arrow in the shoulder and the three escaped.

While searching the city for the bomb, Charlie caught up with Alec. He informed her about how Miles uses anyone as a means to an end. When Alec learns that Charlie is Miles' niece, he tells her about how Miles hurt her mother.

Minutes before detonating the nuclear bomb, Miles catches up with Alec. After a brief struggle, Miles kills Alec with the knife he gave him. Although the entire city was saved, Miles is clearly shaken up by killing his former student.

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