Portrayed byPatrick Heusinger
First appearanceBorn in the U.S.A.
Biographical information
ProfessionBounty Hunter
AffiliationThe Patriots

Adam is a Bounty Hunter working for the U.S. Government.


Capturing Monroe

After the Patriots arrive in the United States of America they hire bounty hunters to capture various people who are important to their cause. Adam's one of many tasked with this job. He and his partner Sergei track Monroe around the Plains Nation for six months until they find him in New Vegas. When Monroe leaves his trailer, Adam captures him and holds him in a drained abandoned swimming pool.

Monroe's Escape

Adam finds Charlie sneaking around and the camp and shoots her, tying her up with Monroe. When she wakes up he patches up her wound and asks her what she's doing. She tells him that she wants to kill Monroe, but he tells her that the Patriots want him alive. She tells him that Monroe will eventually escape and slit their throats and they would be dead. That night, he and Sergei put Monroe in the back of their wagon to bring him to their boss but he frees himself. Monroe escaped, but Adam, Sergei, and Charlie followed him. Monroe killed Sergei before taking Adams's wagon while Adam and Charlie watched in disbelief.

Being Captured

Adam and Charlie continued to track Monroe, but with different intentions. He still refused to let her kill Monroe by telling her the patriots were making him work for them by exchanging Monroe for his father. He was soon caught off guard and knocked unconscious by Monroe. When he woke up he found himself tied up and face to face with Monroe and Charlie. Charlie was demanding to know why The Patriots wanted with her mother, but Adam told them he didn't know. He told them that fifty bounty hunters probably had the same wanted flyers, and that he lied about his father. Monroe prepared to kill him, but Charlie stopped him instead knocking him unconscious again.

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